Try Culture Amp

Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday 15 November, 6:00pm

MeUndies, 3650 Holdrege Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90016

Culture Amp is thrilled to host our latest People Geekup for People & HR professionals in Los Angeles. What is a People Geekup? It’s an opportunity for HR & People Professionals to network and explore the latest trends in the HR & People space.

We’ll be partnering with MeUndies in their newly renovated office in Culver City to discuss how to create a narrative and take action from your people data.

Culture Amp works with some of the world's most innovative organizations such as Airbnb & Grab. Our research has shown having strong leadership impacts the success of any organization, so are bringing together a carefully curated panel of HR leaders to share how they are developing, and maintaining strong leadership at their organizations.

Here's what to expect:

6:00 pm Registration, food & drinks served

6:30 pm Culture Amp & People Geeks Welcome

6:45 pm Presentations

7:15 pm Questions

7:30 pm Drinks and Networking