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Are you a People Geek?

By Alexis Croswell

We're excited to announce that the 100th issue of The People Geekly, our weekly newsletter for people geeks, is almost here! 

Over the past 99 issues, we've shared over 200 articles on topics like diversity and inclusion, company culture, learning and development, and leadership. 

We hope that you look forward to The People Geekly reaching your inbox each week.

We're always looking to provide you with the best content and events related to human resources and culture. 

Share your People Geekly Story

In honor of our 100th issue, we're looking for submissions from our readers about why you love The People Geekly.

Tell us about your favorite article, a moment you shared something you learned, something that surprised you or anything in between. We'll compile these in an article to share in The People Geekly.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite story!  

We welcome your feedback anytime. Just email us. We'll read it.