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People Geekly #89

How to Give Feedback; Difficult Job Reading List; Data Creates Happier Offices

People Geekly #88

What's a Returnship?; Parental Leave Policy Tips; Three Pivotal Stories to Tell

People Geekly #87

Creating Guiding Principles; Visualizing Values; Open Vacation at Automattic

People Geekly #86

Wage Gap In a New Light; Calling in Sick for Sports; Talking Tough Topics at Work

People Geekly #85

Salary Law Passed in Mass.; Creating a Love Culture; Science Fixes Open Offices

People Geekly #84

Deliberate Learning; Empowering Employees; Coaching for New Parents

People Geekly #83

Learning and Development Programs; Entrepreneurial Gap; Evolving Fashion Workplaces

People Geekly #82

Etsy's Maker Spirit; Clock Time vs. Task Time; Banning Work Email

People Geekly #81

Rolls-Royce HR; Dress Code Data; Working Through Ramadan

People Geekly #80

Meet The Geeks Behind The Geekly

People Geekly #79

Open Office Research; Anthropology at Work; Specialized HR of the Future

People Geekly #78

Let's Talk Millennials; Lazy Leadership; Will Netflix's Culture Survive? 

People Geekly #77

Inclusive Work Language; Lady Day; More Than A Paycheck

People Geekly: #76

Job Break Ups; Founder's Success; Company Diversity

People Geekly #75

 Salary Transparency; Healthy Work Cultures; Geofilters for Recruiting

People Geekly #74

Etsy's Food; Debugging Recruiting; The Programmer Genius Myth

People Geekly #73

Run Fair Meetings; Creating a Feminine Workplace; Non-Noncompete Agreements

People Geekly #72

France's Email Law; Ask 'Why' Five Times; Recognition Deficit

People Geekly #71

Culture Myths Debunked; Recruiting Strategies; Being Brutally Vulnerable

People Geekly #70

Beat Burnout; Explore Happiness Research; Companies Reinvent the Hackathon