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People Geekly #09

Issue No. 09, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the ninth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

First a tiny interruption from our regular People Geekery. First off, we had a great time hosting some of you at Culture By Design last week. We got awesome feedback we'll be using that to make our next events even better. Also, our latest New Tech benchmark report is finally out. And just to make it a trifecta, we're announcing a round of funding to bring Culture Amp to even more culture-first companies and people geeks. Get the full scoop on our raise here

"You don't build or create a culture, you articulate a culture."

VANESSA GUTIERREZ  (@about_vanessa)

Here is a bit of a surprise: those “short attention span” millennials are holding on to their jobs – more so than Gen X and Y before them. Just to add to the confusion, economists don’t think this is a good thing. We need these fresh and recent graduates to circulate and acquire the diversity of skills that will be required in the future. So is this caused by a change in the nature of work? Or is it a generation graduated into the recession, where they were glad to grab that steady job? If you have a view, feel free to tweet us with the hashtag #peoplegeeks

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Young founders, writes Jason Cohen, are most guilty of seeing delegation as "doing it, understanding it and telling someone else how to do it". The problem is that this usually leads to a team not materially better than the founder i.e. it's very limiting. He suggests a founder’s job is actually the opposite of this approach. A founder needs to "build an organization in which each person is incredible and inspires others to become better.” Teams only get better when you hire people who are better than you at every position, "only then is your organization increasing its strength and abilities.” Want to scale? Then you need to "convert your initial selfishness into the empowerment of others."

Diversity and a killer response (4 min 30 sec)

Some great notes around diversity from a summit on the topic held at USV. When talking about diversity in a company it can help to reframe it around two questions.
- Do you want your company to increase your company’s competitive advantage? Extensive research has proven that more diverse perspectives leads to more innovative ideas and better financial returns. 
- Do you want your company to one day serve millions of people? It helps if you know how different people in the population think. If companies want to last, they need to think about this early. 
And if you get any pushback, then we suggest you send your execs this, which pretty much nails it.

Depression and suicide, what can companies can do? (12 min) OUR TOP PICK 

Suicide and depression in tech communities are not things we publicly discuss often enough.  In this moving tribute to a young man who left a lasting impression on him, John Willis focuses on the Devops community to conclude that the causes of overwork or occupational stress that could lead to Karoshi and Karōjisatsu (burn-out) are very much industry norms. All-night, late-night or holiday work, both long and excessive hours, stress accumulated due to frustration at not being able to achieve the goals set by the company, forced resignation, dismissal, and bullying are just some of the things that can lead to depression and sometimes suicide. It raises an interesting question around what companies can do to tackle the problem?

Remember when everyone had an office? Then we had cubicles. Then open-plan. What’s next? In this article office-designer-to-the-stars Kelly Robinson talks about creating spaces with a purpose. From the first impression walking in the door, through to having a snack or just a space to decompress - each is designed with intent and focus. Some great thoughts and images on the cutting-edge of design (plus, mini-kitchens get called out…)

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