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People Geekley #06

Issue No. 06, brought to you by Culture Amp

This is the sixth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.   

Tweet of the week (Read: 2.5 seconds)
If you are not a data-driven & business-minded HR organization, you'll never have a seat at the table. #HR #PeopleAnalytics #KnowThyBusiness – Josh Ashton (@Josh_Ashton) 

Do managers matter?(Read: 3 mins)  
Here's some of our own research on the adage that "people don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. Turns out this isn't quite true. Instead, good managers, while important, are ineffective in companies that don't support their employees with good development opportunities or have strong leadership.

Culture vs remote work (Read: 4 mins) PICK OF THE WEEK
FogCreek Software built its reputation based on the belief that if given an exceptional working environment, people would create the highest quality products. They operated for 15 years on three principles: be communal, be supportive and have FUN! But as the landscape changed and attracting top-talent became more competitive they decided they had to move to remote teams. So how have they managed to grow and keep culture at the core of their values? Cake, workspace jive and more.

*This is from our soon to-be-released Benchmark Report. You can pre-register to receive a copy as soon at it's released here.

Why diversity does not lower standards (Read: 6 mins)
When it comes to increasing diversity among conference speakers and when hiring employees, a common objection raised is that focussing on diversity as an outcome will lower standards. Here, Martin Fowler does a kickass job of explaining why this is an "illusionary concern". Using an analogy around marbles, he demonstrates that "in software, there may be less women in the software business, but there are still enough good women to fit the roles a company or a conference needs." One worth bookmarking for those times when the objection is raised (and, unfortunately, it will). 

Friday is optional (Read: 8 mins)
A look at the movement, spearheaded largely by Treehouse, to make Friday an optional working day. Though the number of companies that are doing it remain small, the benefits to their employees have been huge. Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson whose company offers online courses in computer coding, "is one of a handful of tech entrepreneurs who are seeking to disrupt not only existing markets but also the grueling tech start-up culture that, since the dot-com boom, has been wedded to the idea that toiling faster and longer is the only way to hit it big."

Becoming Irresistible (Read: 25 mins)
This report by Josh Bersin looks at a new model for employee engagement. Berlin notes that "employees today have increased bargaining power, the job market is highly transparent, and attracting top-skilled workers is a highly competitive activity." He says that companies need to expand their idea of what engagement is, use tools and methods that measure and capture employee feedback and sentiment in real-time (yes!), and make HR a core business strategy.

We'll be going along to this great event put on by our friends at Udemy, tomorrow night. An Evening of HR Innovation: How to Build the Leaders of Your Organization is on February 11, in San Francisco. Come along and say hi.