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People Geekly #01

Issue No. 01, brought to you by Culture Amp

This is the first issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around. Use the #peoplegeek hashtag to engage with us on Twitter and bring your tweets to our attention.

Tweet of the week (Read: 2.5 seconds)
"Part of the company culture is "how" you do business. #Startup" - Eric Rafat, @FounderEric

Fixing employee engagement (Read: 3 mins)
Kevin Cope outlines his two suggestions for increasing employee engagement. His top tip: Focus on purpose. This means that individuals need to connect with a company's mission on an individual basis. "In short, people will work hard for a paycheck, harder for a person, and hardest for a purpose."

Hiring cultural creatives (Read: 4 mins)
Perks just ain't gonna cut it anymore. When it comes to hiring the top talent, what you need are "cultural creatives." These are "employees who go beyond just producing to actually innovate new ideas." So how do you attract these creatives? The answer is to be the kind of company at which these employees want to work.

Identify leaders (Read: 4.5 mins)
The Boulder startup community identified leaders from those wanting to help out and build the ecosystem by giving them assignments.  It was a simple yet effective way to "triage an overwhelming amount of inbound requests to figure out who is really going to make shit happen." Only 50% of people assigned something (that will take them about 30 mins) will actually even respond. 25% respond and do something, but the other 25% actually do something beyond the assignment. These are the leaders. 

Culture Deck (Read: 17 mins) OUR TOP READ  
"Culture is a set of routines and daily commitments that not only accelerate your work, but make sure it reflects your values," says Possible CEO Mark Arnoldy.  Earlier last year, Possible created what it calls its “For-Impact Culture Code,” a list of 10 principles that shape the organization’s approach to its work. A culture deck exists to promote 1. speed 2. transparency 3. accountability, and not only codifies how you operate, but why you should demand all three.

Time poverty  (Read: 21 mins - yes, we get the irony)
These days everybody feels rushed, but problem is less about how much time people have, and rather how they see it. "Individualistic cultures, which emphasise achievement over affiliation, help cultivate this time-is-money mindset. This creates an urgency to make every moment count." Unsurprisingly, workers who are paid by the hour, feel more antsy when they are not working. However, the rising value of work (increased wages) puts pressure on all time as leisure time starts to seem more stressful.