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People Geekly #05

Issue No. 05, brought to you by Culture Amp

This is the fifth newly minted issue of The People Geekly from us at Culture Amp - updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.   

Tweet of the week (Read: 2.5 seconds)

"For anyone who didn't see this ad - it brought tears to my eyes. Well past time to redefine. #LikeAGirl http://youtu.be/XjJQBjWYDTs  - Amy Gutierrez (@AmyGGiants) PS. It was our favourite Super Bowl ad too. 

Why parental leave matters  (Read: 3 mins, 45 secs)
The issue of parental leave is still a pretty unresolved one in many countries (most notably the US), so it was refreshing to read how aero is approaching it. Aside from the obvious benefit to new parents, having a formal parental leave policy also means that companies generate more interest from potential hires, have a more diverse hiring pool and a lower turnover. 

The power of the water cooler (Read: 4 min, 35 secs)
Culture killers, we know them all too well, often long after things have gone awry, but one in this particular list  struck a chord with us (for obvious reasons) - the failure to ask culture related questions. "A recent survey of productivity studies by the Atlantic backs up what the new guard of CEOs already knows: frequent breaks, work-day flexibility, and teamwork on projects that don't top the corporate to-do list make for better, happier employees," quotes the article. Indeed, we also agreed with this advice to "think critically about the ideal employee for your team, what makes the tick, and how you can support them, within and outside of their role in the company's goals."

The recruiting contradiction (Read: 5 mins) OUR TOP READ
Michael Bailen gets to the point:  "Recruiting has become a walking contradiction. We care about the candidate experience, but we spend five to seven seconds looking at a resume." His solution? Get rid of job postings. "Job seekers will have an opportunity to make an introduction to that department rather than apply for a specific position," Bailen explains. "The whole concept is to “take a look Inside Zappos.” Job seekers will get to take a look “Inside Finance,” “Inside Merch,” etc. If they look inside and like what they see, they can introduce themselves and become a “Zappos Insider.”  This means that recruiters will no longer need to send inhumane rejection templates, instead focussing on long-term engagement.

Company culture = customer experience (Read: 5 mins, 20 secs)
We've written on this topic ourselves, but we believe that company culture and customer experience are often intertwined. "To improve the customer experience start with the employee experience," writes Blake Morgan. "If leadership operate with love and respect for themselves, their stakeholders, their employees and their customers, it is likely employees at all levels will follow suit. If the mantra of your company is “corporate profits, corporate profits and more corporate profits” the days of reaping profits are numbered." As a culture-first company, we whole-heartedly agree. 

The importance of group chat (Read: 5 mins, 20 secs)
Our friends at Atlassian have an interesting post on the influence and importance of "group chat" for company culture. "Communication strengthens relationships, and it's through these relationships that culture is expressed. This is why company events and off-sites are so essential. The bonding they encourage forms deeper connections, which, in turn, strengthen everything the culture is based on—traditions, values, traits. Employees who care about each other work better together."  Group chat fits in when not everyone can not be together - and it's fun, easy, immediate and part of everyday. 

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