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People Geekly #28

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This is the twenty-eight issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"New hires whose values fit well with the values of the org. and culture tend to adjust more quickly and stay longer, says @MyMaybank #RI2015"

Human Resources Mag  (@Mag_HR)

It's often thought that data is an objective source, but recent experiences suggest otherwise. (Do a Google Image search for "CEO" to get the idea). Claire Miller lays out a number of examples where algorithms amplify and reflect real-life prejudices and discrimination. Often these algorithms are built by teams who are more than few steps removed from the audience it impacts. We're not sure of the solution, but we suspect having a diverse team creating the algorithms would be a good place to start. 

HR data scientists (4 min 20 sec)

Greta Roberts embraces the hunger HR has developed for data science, but with a strong caveat - make sure you're ready before make your first data science hire. It's not about sprucing up what you already have - as Roberts says "generating reports is not analytics - even if they're prettier or faster reports." It's important to have the foundations right. There is no point jumping in to do predictive retention analytics when your HRIS isn't up-to-date. Still think you're ready? Roberts has a list of tips to make that data science hire a great one.

Stat of the Week
Enough of the old school (5 min 15 sec)

This year marks the beginning of the five-generation workplace and with that comes a lot of responsibility for those in management roles. A lot has been written about managing across generations, but rather than focusing on trying to keep up with the on-trend demands of each, smart organizations are creating a workplace culture that meets everyone’s needs.

We don't need no managers! (6 min) PICK OF THE WEEK 

We recently wrote about alternative management structures. Here, Jessica Kraft digs into one of these structures; Holacracy. This structure eschews top-down manager relationships for self-organizing structures and distributed decision making. Holacracy is credited to increase engagement, motivation and the effectiveness of employees. Proponents also credit it with adaptability; particularly the ability to embrace "technological shifts in the marketplace". Kraft's vision: "In the future, employees’ intrinsic motivation — their passions, their purpose, their health and wellness — will be catalyzed by company priorities." 

The CHRO (27 min)

It's time for HR to join the C-Suite, but what happens next? Whilst the role of the CEO or CFO is widely understood, what does a CHRO do exactly? In this article, Charan, Barton and Carey lay out their concrete definition of this emerging role. This role forms the essential bridge between business strategy and the employees that will actually make it happen. However, it's not about a new title or a new box on the org chart. As the article mentions up-front: "It is up to the CEO to elevate HR and to bridge any gaps that prevent the CHRO from becoming a strategic partner".


Join Pat Waders, SVP of Global Talent at LinkedIn, this Tuesday, July 14, evening in San Francisco as she shares her reflections on workplace diversity in technology and the steps LinkedIn is taking to address the challenge.

Startups and a thriving family life: think the two don’t mix? Think again. In the business world, sometimes it can seem like taboo to talk openly about family. Join BeConnections in Boston on Monday the 20th of July, as they start a discussion about how to lead a successful life both personally and professionally.

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