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People Geekly #30

Issue No. 30, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the thirtieth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.
 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast -Peter Drucker #business #management"

cameron morrisey (@ManagersDiary)

We’ve written about this management style in numerous Geeklies and on our Zine. Given Holacracy's significant focus on autonomy, a classic question comes up - if we don’t have a hierarchy, how does compensation work? Well it appears Zappos is grappling with that exact question. Their solution is a system of badges, where "the acquiring of a new badge automatically equals a bigger paycheck”. Now at Zappos, you start in a role and then you’re free to badge yourself up from there. Let’s see where they end up.

There's been much discussion here in The Geekly about performance reviews and rankings, so it's interesting to see the subject make the news again this week with Accenture moving to get rid of them. It's a pretty bold move given the company's workforce is 330,000 people strong, so any change is a big one. Instead the company will "implement a more fluid system, in which employees receive timely feedback from their managers on an ongoing basis following assignments." It seems to be quite the trend, with a reported 6 percent of Fortune 500 companies getting rid of formal rankings.

HR and AI (6 min)

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and even Stephen Hawking have all suggested that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting so powerful that it could bring about an apocalypse that sees an end to human civilization, or even an end to the human race. But until that happens, what does AI mean for the future of work? The CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving, talks about the potential increase in people finding ways to do what they love and leaving large corporations over the next two decades as nearly half of the all the jobs in the Western World become automated.

Belonging (8 min 50 sec) 

So sometimes the best thing about being a #peoplegeek is the interesting conversations you get to have with amazing thought leaders around how companies are building their cultures. Here, Mark Levy, Global Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb, shares with us how Airbnb has evolved its company values, kept its culture true to its origins and how it manages to deal with the 180,000 CVs it gets a year. There's so much here, including the origins of the company nomenclature "Elephants, dead fish and vomit" ... what more can we say, it's a great read (and not just because we wrote it!).

Diversity: How to (27 min)  PICK OF THE WEEK

Diversity. How do you get from good intentions to execution? Nina Alter nails it in this very practical guide to implementing diversity in your organization. From coming to grips with the terminology and context, the three practices you’ll need (recruiting, hiring, retention), right through a useful set of resources to help make it happen. Pragmatic, positive and implementable advice. "The intention of this article is to offer folks entirely in the dark and curious to learn more, a good first step”. We think it’s that and a lot more. Recommended to both read and share widely.


LinkedIn is hosting their first ever non-technical hackathon, can you guess what the subject is? Changing the way HR is viewed in the eyes of the world. This exciting opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the Bay Area on the 31st of July.

Udemy for Business is tackling the topic of HR innovation with a focus on data, analytics and people. It's on in San Francisco on the 6th of August where a panel of experts from organizations such as Pinterest, Twitter and Zendesk discuss the latest big-data applications that are making HR more innovative and efficient.

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