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People Geekly #39

Issue No. 39, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the thirty-ninth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Marketing doesn’t own employer brand. Recruiting doesn’t own employer brand. Your employees do. Period. #GDSummit"

Matt charney  (@mattcharney)

Victoria Grace shares her insights about some of the subtle and not so subtle ways in which workplace culture has become increasingly gendered.  While this evolution is positive on the whole, it still leaves many women feeling marginalized. There is no doubt that “[…] the role of women in engineering roles at technology companies has become a central part of the culture and inclusivity conversation currently happening.” Grace attributes this progression to the relentless desire for women in engineering roles to feel valued and trusted in their work. This still leaves a large percentage of women working in other high tech roles unaccounted for. 

Weekends (3 min)

Americans spend far too much working and not nearly enough time taking time off. Weekends were designed to give us a break and recharge. The brain, like a well, can run dry of mental power and needs to refill. The author offers several steps to help get in the groove of not working when not at work. We should understand the importance of taking a mental break: remember what’s important; keep a good work/life balance; leave your work at the office; use your commute as time to leave the worries of home or office at respective place.

Studies show that as a person gains success, they often lose empathy for others. This is why so many managers sometimes have trouble connecting with employees. Leaders require the emotional intelligence to connect with others in order for the company to succeed. Jim Haudan, CEO of Root, Inc. suggests six steps to maintaining empathy while leading: Lose your ego; demonstrate honesty; serve your people, not your strategies; create a shared mission; show interest in what others feel; be transparent. 

Being Black in Tech (7.5 min)   PICK OF THE WEEK

Mark Leckie, the former head of Journalism and News at Twitter, recently wrote about what it’s actually like to be a black person at a tech company. He writes that without a variety of voices contributing ideas, the workplace becomes a homogenized environment where potential brilliance may never be achieved. Diversity should rightly be seen as a benefit to growth, not an obstruction to avoid. He says that tech companies must reflect the communities they serve, else they risk alienating the users most responsible for their success.

How to Hire (14 min)

Kristen Hamilton, CEO of Koru, an employee training company, claims to have worked out a way to almost always hire the right person for the job, and it doesn’t involve a candidate’s GPA, college or other hard skills. Things to look for when interviewing: Grit - ask the candidate about a time they wanted something so bad, they stuck through unpleasantness to get it done. Rigor - “Ask candidates to tell you about a time they used data to make a decision. Look for details about the complexity of the data and how the thinking happened, rather than focusing on the right answer,” Hamilton says. Impact - ask the candidate about a time they made a measurable impact on the job. Other questions involve teamwork, ownership, curiosity and workplace manners.


After selling out in San Francisco earlier this year, Culture Amp is happy to announce that it's bringing the Culture X Design Unconference to New York. The idea is to get #peoplegeeks together so we can learn from each other with a combination of keynote speakers and unconference sessions. Don’t miss out.

Every October HR practitioners from around the world head to Las Vegas to attend the HR Tech Conference. For this month's San Francisco Geekup we are partnering with our friends at Udemy to share with our community what we learn at HR Tech, what people are talking about, and the future trends that are emerging in the people space. We hope to see you there. 

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