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People Geekly #41

Issue No. 41, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the forty-first issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"'Inspire your #employees. Make sure they understand the reason why their job contributes! #employeeengagement #leadership"

Rudy vidal  (@RudyVidal)

Dave Smith, Chief Product Officer at PayScale, believes that transparency around salary is an important driver of employee engagement, but one of the least discussed. Many employees may believe they are earning less than market value, but Smith says the statistics suggest otherwise, even when accounting for other biases. The result? Employers fall into a reactive and counter-productive trap of thinking they need to offer salary increases to retain talent. Instead, Smith encourages managers be transparent about how pay-scales are determined.

Resume Overflow (5 min)

Running a company with a renowned culture often means strong demand for advertised roles. A nice problem to have, but a stream of candidates creates a lot of noise and a lot of work. In these situations, being able to quickly weed out the less suitable candidates is key. That could mean automated scoring, targeted questions and using staffing firms. Despite using these tools, companies like Airbnb still make a commitment to have a human review and respond to their applications. As they argue, "While it's definitely time and labor intensive, we feel it's only fair that if someone takes the time to prepare an application, they deserve the courtesy of knowing a person on the receiving end took a look at it."

Double Minority (5.5 min)

Lydia Dishman spotlights former Google employee, Jamesha Fisher, who calls herself a “double minority." Being both black and a woman has presented Fisher with challenges in Silicon Valley. After initially landing an internship with Google in Boston, Fisher later returned to the search giant at a Bay Area office. This time around, she noticed subtle changes, which she described as "systematic stigmatism that is very under the radar.” Eventually she decided to leave Google, citing stress and lack of fit for her skills. Fisher does not consider herself a "grand scale activist", but is now seeking to help women and minorities gain the confidence to leave unhealthy workplaces. 

The eight-hour workday has been ingrained in many cultures since the Industrial Revolution. While work has changed since then, the dogma of eight-hours hasn’t. Stephan Aarstol, editor-in-chief of Tower.Life Magazine, writes about how his company shifted to a five-hour workday and the exceptional productivity that resulted. Aarstol believes that people aren't being productive the full eight hours anyway. So where is the productivity driven from? Aarstol argues it's from happier, refreshed employees, combined with a sense of scarcity in the time to get the job done. 

Zappos Experiment  (45 min)

May of you will have read and heard different stories about life at Zappos under CEO Tony Hsieh. Whether it was to do with their 10 values, offering people money to leave or their alternative management structure. Roger Hodge, former Editor of the Oxford American and Harper’s Magazine recently spent several days at Zappos to learn more about a company where every few years their CEO decides to turn their organization upside down. First with a move to Las Vegas, then the move downtown, then the introduction of Holacracy. It's a long read, but a great one to get under the skin of this iconic company.


San Francisco: Tonight is the night. Culture Amp is partnering up with CULTURE LABx to run a two hour workshop on the topic of People Analytics. This interactive session with our data and insights team will run through how you can use data to measure the success of your company’s culture initiatives. Get in quick, only a few tickets remain. 

Las Vegas: Every October, HR practitioners from around the world head to Las Vegas to attend the HR Tech Conference. Will you be there? So will we! Drop us a line on Twitter @cultureamp. We'd love to say Hi.

San Francisco: Speaking of the HR Tech Conference... For this month's San Francisco Geekup, we are partnering with our friends at Udemy to share with our community what we learn at HR Tech, what people are talking about, and the future trends that are emerging in the people space. Hope to see you there.
New York: After selling out in San Francisco earlier this year, Culture Amp is happy to announce that it's bringing the Culture X Design Unconference to New York. The idea is to get #peoplegeek types together so we can learn from each other. An action-packed day with a combination of keynote speakers and unconference sessions. Don’t miss out.


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