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People Geekly #42

Issue No. 42, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the forty-second issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

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"'The war for talent is over. The talent won.' ~ @ThisIsLars at #TalentConnect "

Stacy donovan zapar  (@StacyZapar)

A recent study done by Oracle found most employees feel engaged because of their coworkers, not their management. The study polled around 1,500 workers of European businesses, finding 42% said it was their peers who help define how engaged they felt at work. HR only showed about 3%. Loïc Le Guisquet, Oracle’s president for EMEA and APAC regions comments: “These findings should be of concern to HR teams as they indicate that HR does not ‘own’ engagement in the eyes of employees.” Ideas submitted on how HR and managers could help included better communication and recognition for work done. 

Amazon's Image (2 min)

Following the recent scathing report about culture at Amazon, the tech giant has implemented a daily survey to help build a better workplace for its employees. According to a Bloomberg report these types of surveys started last year in the company’s fulfillment center but have recently spread to other departments including corporate areas as well. The data collected will hopefully help Amazon rebuild its culture and image.

Several large companies including Intel, Twitter and IBM have started using sentiment-analysis surveys to determine how employees really feel about their jobs. The software can be used to analyze everything from blog posts, and responses to open-ended survey questions. It was put to use by Intel to determine emotions from text on ideas such as diversity-related topics. Some companies have used this type of software to analyze sentiment on social media posts as well.

Burnout (4 min)

Django Girls wants to inspire women in business but also wants to make sure women aren’t taking on too much. Overcommitment can be a serious issue if not recognized and dealt with. It can lead to burnout and depression. When looking for volunteers, Django Girls uses these guidelines: The amount of things you can fit into your schedule shouldn’t be determined by others; Be sincere with yourself; Don’t feel irreplaceable; Believe that you are working hard.

Part of the diversity problem that keeps women and minorities out of the computer science and engineering fields is that there aren’t enough women and minorities studying to get jobs in computer science and engineering. So why the lack of interest?  Dr. Sapna Cheryan found over and over that women and girls were more likely to take an engineering class when they knew the classroom didn’t look like it was decorated for men, and the instructors didn’t dress like “bros.” The stereotype surrounding computer scientists may seem superficial but it is real. 


Las Vegas: Every October, HR practitioners from around the world head to Las Vegas to attend the HR Tech Conference. If you're also in Las Vegas right now drop us a line on Twitter @cultureamp. We'd love to say Hi.

San Francisco: Speaking of the HR Tech Conference... For this month's San Francisco Geekup, we are partnering with our friends at Udemy to share with our community what we learn at HR Tech, what people are talking about, and the future trends that are emerging in the people space. Hope to see you there.

Chicago: We are taking our People Geekup on the road with Chicago the first cab off the rank. If you are a people geek in the Midwest join us on the 28th of October and meet some of the people geeks from Culture Amp. 

New York: Culture X Design Unconference New York is now sold out! We have enabled a wait list if you'd still like to get a ticket or be notified when the videos from the day are being made available. 

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