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People Geekly #44

Issue No. 44, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the forty-fourth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Culture is how employees interact with each other on a day to day basis. You inspire good culture by making good hires.  #jobhuntchat"

Blake Mccammon (@rblake)
The CHRO (3 min)

Lynda Spiegel makes the argument to hire a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Company culture starts from the top, and that means HR in the C-Suite. “The CHRO develops a performance/compensation dynamic that makes sense for every company’s unique culture,” writes Spiegel. “When I convinced them to try it for one year, the level of employee engagement rose and satisfaction increased.”

Ending 9-5 (3.5 min)

We've seen articles on ditching performance reviews, managers and next up appears to be the traditional 8-hour work day. Longer, structured work days are being cited for everything from increasing error rates to poor employee health. Some organizations are switching to a 6-hour work day, and early signs are showing better productivity. We think it's more about flexbility, but good to see some positive changes in this space.

It's Culture x Design November 3rd. We're all sold out, but follow along with the Twitter hashtag #cxdnyc

Women in Tech (4 min)

Claire Connelly writes about her experiences being a woman in tech, with a special call out on the persistent "hysterical" label. Plus, she highlights that this often spills out of the workplace, especially on social media. Connelly also argues it's not just having the laws and quotas, but how companies actually adopt them: "... do it with a better intention than if one was just imposed on them. Diversity quotas should be the sign of a competitive workplace." 

CEO Matt Straz writes about 10 key insights from Namely's massive growth over the past year. Just to pick out a few we particularly liked: #3 "The product is not my product. The company is my product;" #5: "Become a great storyteller," particularly in the onboarding process; and, #10 "Blow up the walls." Get involved with your team, and learn what everyone is doing.

Want to be like Google? Well now you can. Well, at least you can see how Google runs their operations via their re:Work site. re:Work showcases how Google approaches topics like hiring and training, as well as providing free public tools, such as slide decks and checklists that the company uses internally. The site will also feature other companies’ practices.


New York: Culture X Design Unconference is happening today in New York. You can follow along online with the #cxdnyc hashtag and the @CultureAmp account on Twitter. If you’d like to be notified when the videos from the day are being made available, you can add your name to the waitlist

St. Louis: HRevolution 2015 heads to St. Louis. Join 125 of the brightest and most innovative HR professionals from around the world to debate the future of HR. We are sending some of our Culture Amp People Geeks along to what should be a great day of debate and discussion about the future of work.

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