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People Geekly #45

Issue No. 45, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the forty-fifth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

"#workplace #culture is important. Think it through, #vision it, make it a reality and your employees will love it. #leadership"

Melinda elizabeth  (@GoddessMoonSea)
Rise and fall of tech words (4 min)

The only thing that keeps pace with technology are the buzzwords. This study tracked the top buzzwords in job postings during 2015. If you are still using words like "big data" and "virtual teams" in your job postings, you should know that they are on the way out. What's up and coming? "Artificial intelligence" and "real-time data" are the top two emerging in 2016.

Buddhist Billionaire

83-year-old entrepreneur, management guru, and Buddhist priest Kazuo Inamori, practices a business method that is not taught in most Western business schools -- make the staff happy. Inamori has successfully used this philosophy to create Kyocera Corp 50 years ago and save Japan Airlines from bankruptcy. "If you want eggs, take care of the hen," Inamori says. "If you bully or kill the hen, it's not going to work." His method involves 'Amoeba Management' in which departments split into small groups which manage themselves. 


Downside of Volunteering (5 min)

Sasha of sasha.wtf gives several examples of the unfairness of relying on volunteers in the workplace, much of which points to gender biases. Sasha lists real examples of how men and women assumed specific roles in different situations. Many showed women taking on less desirable tasks. Volunteer-based structures can allow some people to get out of work that is unpleasant or undervalued, while allowing others to grab work that is more exciting, more valued, or more rewarded.

Thoughts on diversity (7 min)

Leslie Miley writes on his experience as an Engineer Manager at Twitter. Twitter has huge reach with minorities, but this is barely reflected in their workforce. For example, 27% of African Americans use Twitter, but represent 3% of employees. Miley saw this disparity firsthand, culminating in his departure. Despite this meaning Twitter now has no managers, directors or VPs of color, Miley remains optimistic. A story of diversity from the inside.

Untold stories of women in tech (8 min)

Julie Ann Horvath attempts to unpack workplace harassment in her call to action piece. There are many reasons why female victims choose to remain silent about the harassment they’ve experienced at work. Feeling no one will believe them or that they’ll be labeled as a complainer, the fear that one might fall out of favor runs deep. As Julie reminds us, “Tech companies too often make witches out of vocal women.”

Melbourne, Australia: After successful Geekups held all over the United States, Culture Amp is excited to announce that we are hosting our first People Geekup in Melbourne. Join us on November 24th at the Envato office in downtown Melbourne as we talk about the future trends affecting People Geeks. 

San Francisco: We cover Diversity and inclusion stories frequently in the People Geekly, Lever is hosting a panel event this Wednesday in San Francisco. Specifically on how to move from just talking about diversity in your recruiting strategy, and to actually building it. 

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