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This is the fiftieth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"New research confirms what we all know: Company culture matters, not just for employees but for the bottom line. "

Jo Ilfeld (@joilfeld)
Accenture and performance reviews (2.5 min)
Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO at Accenture, writes in a LinkedIn post about why the company (like many others) has decided to ditch the annual performance review. He says in a world where people get everything in real-time, the idea of a once-a-year feedback system does not make sense. “No longer will we rely on forced rankings and comparisons of employees to peers around the globe to measure performance,” says Nanterme, “No longer will we fill out time-consuming assessment forms that focus on the past.”

Not foot in mouth disease (4 min)

Medium contributor Jessica Nordell comments on remarks made by Michael Moritz about women in his company. Moritz put his foot in his mouth stating his firm would not “lower its standards” in order to hire more women. But Nordell says his words may be more than just “foot in mouth disease.” She believes it’s a window into his unconscious bias. But rather than trash Moritz, she says we should use this as a learning moment to address the problem. “‘Foot in mouth’ moments are not fumbles, they are the opportunity. We must seize these moments to draw attention to a pernicious belief system, excavate it, and ultimately eradicate it,” says Nordell.

Glassdoor has released its list of best places to work in 2015, and CareerBliss has a list of happiest places to work, also from this year. While no company was in the top ten of both, each list had its own common themes. Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman says, “Employees at Best Places to Work report feeling valued at work, a sense of community, and excitement for their company’s business outlook.” CareerBliss says the common theme in its list included career development support, a positive relationship with managers, and a strong company culture. Among the best places to work are Airbnb, Bain & Co, Guidewire, Hubspot and Facebook. The top five happiest places to work are UnitedHealthCare, Amgen Inc, Novartis International AG, Nokia, and Total Quality Logistics. 

Ageism (6.5 min)

Lynda Dishman refers to Steven Levy’s October Medium article about the underreported lack of diversity at companies when it comes to age. Many big tech companies lately have been talking about what they’re doing to hire more women and minorities, but there is very little mention of hiring older people. Studies say the average age of people in tech companies is 29, with many people starting to feel ageism in their 50s. Dishman also points out how many industry leaders are perpetuating ageism, including statements from Mark Zuckerberg, who said, “Young people are just smarter.” She goes on to discuss the benefits of having older people on staff, and cites research that proves the most successful founders are in their early 40s, while booming entrepreneurs are in their 50s and 60s. When it comes to hiring more older people, it’s like any other kind of diversity and requires learning to understand different kinds of people. 

Radical Candor (14.5 min)

Kim Scott, who has spent time in leadership roles at both Google and Apple, has some tips on how to be a better boss. She believes the best thing a manager can do is have what she calls, “radical candor.” Radical candor lives at the corner of “Caring Personally” and “Challenging Directly.” She advises managers to be blunt when giving feedback, but only when employees know they are cared for as well. It’s important not to come off like a jerk, but also not to practice the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.”  She says, “Radical candor is humble, it’s helpful, it’s immediate, it’s in person — in private if it’s criticism and in public if it’s praise — and it doesn’t personalize.”


San Francisco: Join our friends at Culture Lab X for their final event of the year. They will be discussing how a culture of trust is the key to success. This event on tonight, Tuesday the 15th of December, will be part workshop and part holiday gathering and a great way to round out the year. 

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