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People Geekly #51

Issue No. 51, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the fifty-first issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

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"The greatest competitive advantage out there isn't a product; it's your #companyculture. "

Matt monge  (@MattMonge)

Tim Armstrong of AOL has decided the company spends too much time in meetings. The company has now decided that people only have a certain amount of “meeting time” per week. “The idea is if you need to add another meeting to your calendar that cuts into your 85% non-meeting time, you have to swap out one of the meetings in your 15% time bucket in order to make room for the new meeting,” says a source. The hope is cutting back will boost company culture and productivity. 

IDEO (4.5 min)

IDEO founder David Kelley originally founded the company as a place for him and his best friends to work. It’s now grown much larger, but the culture remains. This article lists some reasons why, from the permission to play, having a common purpose through to building a social contract. The company also emphasizes "Bottom-up innovation". IDEO believes the best ideas come from the bottom through personal energy and commitment. 

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Medium contributor, Kellan, writes some advice about how to be a successful senior tech manager. Some you may already know, like getting exercise and making sure you have enough self-care. Others include 1) Have someone to talk to. Be it a friend, therapist, or coach. 2) Talk with your peers. Find someone in your industry to talk shop, compare notes and ideas. 3) Have a personal mastery project. While you may be a manager remember to have hobbies and a personal side project.

Jacob Morgan write on the top five organizational structures to consider when building a company. These are great archetypes to know when dealing with organizations. You'll know the traditional hierarchy. Morgan then goes through Flatter and Flat organizations; which incrementally remove top-down structure to emphasize open communication. The most extreme remove titles and reporting lines. "Flatarchies" sit between the flat and traditional and share elements of both. The final listed is Holacracy, which Morgan describes as “The basic goal with this structure is to allow for distributed decision making while giving everyone the opportunity to work on what they do best.”

By the year 2020, Millennials will make up 40% of the workforce. Forbes contributor Louis Efron notes that the younger generation isn’t shy about what they want. What they want is not a job, but a life. He has some suggestions on how to make your company a place that Millennials want to work. 1) Millennials want to be their own boss. This means flexibility about where and when they work, so long as results are made. 2) Millennials want to collaborate rather than compete. Work like one team to make the world a better place. 3) Facilitate life success and recognize that life isn’t all about the job. 4) Communicate how you are helping to change the world. 


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