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People Geekly #57

Issue No. 57, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the fifty-seventh issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"I'm pretty much convinced that if you want a team to go fast, a feeling of momentum is more important than a sense of urgency."

Building companies across time zones (1.5 min)

Nice to see Sheryl Sandberg on Quora. In this answer, she addresses "How does one build a great company culture across several locations in different timezones?” Many answers to this question focus on the technical and mechanical aspects. Meetings and video conferencing and scheduling. Here Sandberg’s answer focuses entirely on the culture. “We celebrate our accomplishments but always remember that we're still in the early days of achieving our mission”.

The collaboration curse (3 min)

Many of our decisions and tactics are used to encourage and increase collaboration between employees. This article presents the classic example of this in the open plan office. This Economist article presents a counterpoint. Has the focus on collaboration gone too far? Many forms of collaboration can lead to constant interruptions, which detracts from complex tasks. Plus we’re all probably aware of the time and energy that goes into meetings and emails. So what’s the solution? Being explicit and starting to measure the right things is a good start.

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2016 is upon us and many companies are thinking benefits. lyan Mochari writes with observations from HR leaders. Ron Storm from Lyft highlights mobile-friendly health benefits. Joris Luijke from Grovo discusses an increased focus on employee fitness and emotional wellbeing. What we see in all this is an increasing trend towards flexibility and allowing employees to mix and match the benefits that work best for them.

Job crafting (6 min)

Louise Lee writes on “job crafting”, which Lee describes as "a set of techniques for helping you reconfigure the elements of your job to spark greater engagement and meaning”. Instead of a top-down job description, job crafting encourages a collaborative and fluid role definition. In an experiment at Google, this led to both happier and more effective employees.


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