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People Geekly #64

Issue No. 64, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the sixty-fourth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Being fully engaged at work gives us a sense of purpose, of meaning, of belonging. Human needs beyond the paycheck.

Kevin kruse  (@Kruse)

Nzinga Shaw is the NBA’s first Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer after being brought on by the Atlanta Hawks, in 2014. Her role, to create an inclusive culture for the team, fans and partnerships, has been challenging. She opens up in an article with Black Enterprise about her position. Internally she helps bring people of all demographics to the organization and outwardly, she is in charge of helping to make sure the NBA game experience is inclusive to everyone. She says the experience has been extremely positive. “I can definitely tell you that opportunities for women and people of color today are a lot better than what they were 10 years ago when I started in the industry.”

Etsy's parental leave (4 min)

Etsy has announced that under their new parental leave policy (effective April) employees are eligible for 26 weeks of fully paid leave when they become a parent through birth or adoption, regardless of their gender, country of residence or family circumstance. This article highlights the research behind their new policy with five statements supporting gender-blind parental leave like, “Women benefit from sharing parenting responsibilities with a partner.” Through sharing their research, Juliet Gorman, Director of Culture & Engagement at Etsy says they hope “to fuel more open discussion of the trends happening in workplaces and families, which support policies like ours.”

As the profession of Human Resources evolves, the job titles that people adopt help shape this changing industry. We’ve suggested People Operations Manager, VP of People, Chief Happiness Officer, Vibe Manager, and Director of Engagement as titles to see in 2016. Each job title includes discussion on what it might mean internally and externally, as well as examples of companies who have assigned these creative titles to employees. 

Forbes contributor WIlliam Vanderbloemen shares four signs he’s learned to spot that may be causing a toxic company culture. He says rapid growth may be the root of much toxicity. He suggests being extra cautious of your culture as you grow, which may include assigning someone as the cultural value auditor. Another sign is when no one talks about company problems. He suggests if no one is talking about issues, there is a good chance people don’t feel valued enough to think their problems matter. On the flipside, another sign is if everyone is talking about problems. Gossip is a culture killer. Keep an eye out for it. Finally, if the system becomes more important than the mission, you have a toxic culture. 

As flexible work environments and perks become more common to “relieve” workplace stresses, are we losing sight of the real issue of mental health in the workplace? Jessica Leber takes an honest look at this dilemma in Fast Company and remarks that, “Sleep trackers and meditation programs may be truly beneficial to some workers...But they also address just a tiny sliver of employees' true mental health issues.” The article explores the narrative arch of an employee who benefited greatly from Prudential Financial’s mental health program while taking a look at where others have fallen short. Also discussed is what can be done to remove the stigma behind mental health and improve access to resources in the workplace. 


We’ve got a lot of People Geekups planned for 2016. If you’d like to host a People Geekup in your city in 2016, reply to this email and we will be in touch.

Toronto, Canada on March 22nd.
Chicago on March 24th.
Denver on March 29th.
Philadelphia on April 6th.
San Francisco on April 12th.

If any of the events are sold out, make sure to grab a waitlist ticket as we’re looking to expand some of the venues.

Our friends at Udemy are holding an event in Los Angeles, CA on March 31st, called “Bringing Employee Engagement to Life.” You can register for this event here.

Check out back issues of the Geekly and other things going on at Culture Amp over at our Blog and PeopleGeeks.com.

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