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People Geekly #67

Issue No. 67, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the sixty-seventh issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Effective communications is a part of effective leadership."

balmerdave  (@balmerdave)

A recent study involving more than 2,000 people across three continents, and including researchers from the University of Cologne, the University of Groningen and Columbia University, found that people overwhelmingly preferred autonomy at the workplace over power. The experiments had people imagine job situations where they compared having more freedom, but less power vs having more power (like leading a team) but less chance to do what they want. The experiment however did not take into consideration compensation. It is assumed that people might more likely take the power move over autonomy if there was cash involved, however more research is needed. 

Paid time off myth (5 min)

In workplaces where constant communication is the norm, employees may find it hard to truly tune out when taking time off. Part of the problem is work time that is considered “de minimus.” Author Matt Straz says that this standard, established by the U.S. Department of Labor, “… allows employers to disregard infrequent and trivial amounts of work that cannot practically be recorded for payroll purposes.” This contributed to the “always on” work mode and companies should evaluate their PTO policies to ensure that team members know who they should contact when someone is away and under what circumstances someone taking PTO should be disturbed.  

While hoodies and jeans might be commonplace to those working in startups or more relaxed environments, the “office workers left behind” from the casual dress revolution are getting a reprieve at one New York City accounting firm. Crowe Horwath now allows employees to ditch their suits (if they’re not meeting with clients) as part of their “Dress for your Day” policy. While the policy is widely accepted by the firm, it has been suggested that employees keep emergency dress clothes in the office and some have been “reprimanded” for untucked shirts. While the somewhat laid back policy may give them an edge in recruiting, time will tell if it’s the best move for Crowe Horwath. 

Why we work (8 min)

Australian entrepreneur and blogger Naomi Simson discusses a trip she took to an event held in the Amazon, where she and her colleagues were to discuss business and social change. There she met Saxon Phipps and Will Stubley of year13.com.au. In this article she discusses a conversation the three had on why people work. Some of the top reasons we work include, the desire to be taken seriously; the desire to find “my place”; the desire to be special; the desire to connect; the desire to feel useful, and others. 

Joel Gascoigne is the CEO of social media tool Buffer, a company also revered for its popular marketing blog and radical transparency. Questions revolve around Gascoigne’s transition from freelancer to full-time CEO and how he was inspired by Zappos to set down his company’s values. He says that in being transparent Buffer has, “...opened ourselves up to getting incredible advice from people. People have literally written 2,000 word critiques on our salary formula, or on how we do product, or being a distributed team. It’s super valuable and holds us to a higher standard.” Medium has shared a curated version of the full Q&A posted on Product Hunt. 


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