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People Geekly #69

Issue No. 69, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is the sixty-ninth issue of Culture Amp's weekly email updating you on all the best #peoplegeek news around.

"HR pros can no longer say 'I don't do technology' in the same way we can't say 'I don't do numbers'" @neilmorrison #HRTF16"

Robin Schooling  (@RobinSchooling )

A Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research study of 6500 Australians aged 40 and over found that cognitive function steadily increased for every hour worked up to 25 hours a week. For every hour worked beyond that, cognitive function steadily declined. Researchers speculated that this could mean part-time work is the answer if you want to maximize cognitive function. If you’re looking to change up your work week, this piece will be some food for thought. 

Software models gender balance at work  (5 min)

Predictive analytics firm Icosystem has created software that simulates the environment of an organization in order to predict how small changes in one area might impact another. Icosystem’s CTO, Paolo Gaudiano, was inspired by his daughter to use his company’s software to examine gender balance in the workplace. To create the simulation, employees and executives are interviewed and relevant company and industry data are collected. These are meant to help companies identify multiple actions they can take to improve gender balance, and can be combined with real world observation and learning to make proactive changes. 

Firdose Moonda interviews former South Africa rugby captain Francois Pienaar about his experience on Cricket South Africa's review panel revealing an interesting perspective on the importance of culture. Moonda asks, “what makes a high-performance team?” Pienaar’s response, “Culture trumps strategy for breakfast. If you don't have the right culture in any organisation, it's very hard to be a high-performance team. The brand must be stronger than anything else. CEOs and coaches and captains come and go but you have to understand the culture and the core of why teams are high-performance teams…” He also discusses how to create a winning culture and looks at how certain team cultures influence individual’s actions. 

We’ve heard the term tossed around a lot, but what does mindfulness really mean? According to executive coach, leadership development specialist, and psychiatrist, David Brendel, mindfulness is "a mental orientation and set of strategies for focusing one’s mind on here-and-now experiences." We take a look at how this concept has changed to fit the workplace and how companies can best put it into practice. 

Jeffrey J. Selingo shares an excerpt from his new book,“There Is Life After College: What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow” about how internships have become a key component to landing a job after graduation. He says, “Today employers hire as full-time workers around 50 percent of the interns who had worked for them before they graduated, according to the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University.” He also explores how recruiting for interns has become an important part of hiring plans to find the best talent. 


Melbourne Geekup @ Donkey Wheel House: This Wednesday, April 27th
Sydney Geekup @ AdRoll: May 12th 
New York Geekup @ Fog Creek Software: May 18th  
Vancouver Geekup @ Lululemon: May 30th 

Our friends at Udemy present Bringing Employee Engagement to Life in San Francisco this Thursday, April 28th. 

If you’d like to host a People Geekup in your city, send us a note! We'll be in touch.

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