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People Geekly #70

Issue No. 70, brought to you by Culture Amp
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This is issue 70 of Culture Amp's weekly roundup of the best #peoplegeek news.

 Tweet of the week (2.5 sec)

"Those who believe leaders are only to be found at the top of the organization do not truly understand the nature of leadership"

Jared Spool  (@jmspool)

In a unique hiring move, Stripe has announced it will welcome applications not only from individuals, but from teams. Their blog begins by asking if there are “people who motivate and inspire you, complement your strengths and shore up your weaknesses, help you achieve things you could never do on your own?” If so, Stripe wants your team to apply in groups of 2-5 in a move they’re calling “Bring Your Own Team” or BYOT for short. In what may be the most quote-worthy sentence of this announcement they conclude, “the industry has always focused on hiring atoms; we’d like to try hiring molecules.” 

Modern Trends Shifting HR to People Ops (6 min)

Maia Josebachvili, VP of People at Greenhouse, thinks about the idea of “People” a lot. She cites three trends that are causing the field of HR to become recognized as People Operations: “The digital revolution has elevated the value of people to an organization, power has shifted from companies to people and strong employee engagement and company culture have become a competitive advantage.” She introduces the concept of the new people team by comparing past and present objectives of this business function. 

Hackathons Anonymous says that at a hackathon “people come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality.” We explore how this concept is being used by companies to generate new ideas, recruit top talent and give existing employees time to work on something outside of their day-to-day. Some companies like Capital One host public hackathons that offer cash prizes for ideas and a unique experience for attendees. Other companies have taken the spirit of the hackathon and turned it into a time of interdepartmental collaboration and idea generation, like Project Day at Culture Amp. We explore this trend and provide examples of companies who are doing it well.

This interview follows marketing professor and book author Raj Raghunathan’s musings on happiness research. What do people need to be happy? According to the research discussed, once basic needs are met, the three “ingredients of happiness” are mastery, belonging and autonomy. Raghunathan adds a fourth, “...the attitude or the worldview that you bring to life.” This is narrowed down into the “scarcity-minded” approach and an “abundance-minded” approach. While these are thoughtfully analyzed, Raghunathan says that “ultimately, what we need in order to be happy is at some level pretty simple. It requires doing something that you find meaningful, that you can kind of get lost in on a daily basis.” 

Learn from Roli Saxena, currently Customer Growth lead at Clever, on how she avoids burnout and learned to “prioritize, focus and survive during the toughest moments of her career.” Part of beating burnout is recognizing what it is and if it’s happening to you. From an employer’s perspective, Saxena says companies not only have to “find the right talent and retain them, but also keep them engaged! This is really hard and burnout is the enemy of all three of those things.” Two exercises in the “anti-burnout toolkit” are the Prioritization Matrix and the Communication Template. After an explanation of these exercises, the virtue of boundaries and how companies should encourage these types of discussions are covered. 

If you’d like a 10 min read and additional take on this topic including its effect on mental health, check out the personal narrative “It’s not you, it’s the startup life” on Medium.  


Sydney Geekup @ AdRoll: May 12th 
New York Geekup @ Fog Creek Software: May 18th  
Chicago Geekup @ Hotel Monaco: May 19th 
Vancouver Geekup @ Lululemon: May 30th 

We're proud to be sponsoring this year's Greenhouse Open May 25-27 in San Francisco. Our Director of Insights, David Ostberg, will be part of a panel discussion on the topic of people metrics at different stages in the talent lifecycle. 

If you’d like to host a People Geekup in your city, send us a note! We'll be in touch.

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