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People Geekly #77

Issue No. 77, brought to you by Culture Amp
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"If you want to create breakthroughs you have to have the courage to challenge leadership to think differently. @RyanEstis #SHRM16"

Jennifer McClure  (@JenniferMcClure)
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Google's Lady Day (2.5 min)

After an investor referred to Google's CFO Ruth Porat as "the lady CFO" during a meeting, a group of Google alumni created "Lady Day" in response. The tongue-in-cheek protest took place over two days, in which employees changed their title in the company directory and email signatures to Lady (fill in the blank). Another investor responded to the comment during the meeting saying, "I am sorry to put another shareholder on the spot, but Ms. Porat is the CFO, not the lady CFO." Later she elaborates, "Imagine addressing the 'man CFO.' What is the relationship between gender and CFO?"

Men Champion Gender Diversity (3 min)

According to Australian University research, most men in the C-Suite are holding back from being vocal about gender diversity in their companies. However, those with a daughter are more likely to take action. One CEO that participated in the research said, "I have a wife and daughter, and I could see the struggle that my wife had gone through, and I could see the struggle that my daughter was going through, and so there was an emotional resonance." The study investigated why men joined groups like Male Champions of Change which uses member’s individual and collective leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and international social and economic importance.

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Make Your Job More Than A Paycheck (4 min)

In an impassioned article, Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace explains why you’re owed more than a paycheck by your job. She says, “You deserve to have a job where you can use your talents. You deserve a job where the people are fun and smart and friendly. You deserve to work for a manager who respects you and whom you can respect, too, for his or her wisdom and humanity.” Insights on how to reframe your job search to find a place that offers all this and more is included. 

Using Inclusive Language at Work (4 min Includes Video)

Former chief of Army David Morrison is the champion of the Words at Work Campaign, which advocates for inclusivity in workplace language. He says, “it's a proven fact that more inclusive, more diverse workforces create real diversity of thinking and are more productive.” One of the ways people can create an inclusive culture is with language - speaking and listening with respect. An informative video included with the article provides an explanation of terms that can be exclusive, prompting the viewer to think about their language at work. 

Paypal’s Recharge program is a 20-week paid internship for women entering the workforce after a career break. MJ Austin created the program (with help from other women at Paypal) after her own frustrating experience returning to work after taking three years off to raise her daughters. As the first Recharge group reaches the end of its time, all nine women are considering full time rolls with Paypal. The company plans to open up the program to more groups, hoping to make the company more diverse while also providing more opportunities to experienced workers. 

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June 23, 2016 - San Francisco Special Event: Inclusion Survey Launch @ Automattic Lounge. Join us for a celebration, learn how the inclusion survey was designed and why we are offering it free to tech companies. Hear from leading Inclusion advocates including Y-Vonne Hutchinson, Founder of Ready Set, Leslie Miley, Director of Engineering for the Growth Team at Slack, Laura Gómez, Founder and CEO of Apitica and Founding Team Member of Project Include.

June 29-30, 2016 - Tech Inclusion New York @ Metropolitan Pavilion. (Presented by Google for Entrepreneurs)

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