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People Geekly #78

Issue No. 78, brought to you by Culture Amp
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"When companies don't intentionally focus on inclusion, they're missing out on the best work from their employees." -@clrom #inclusionsurvey

Joelle Emerson  (@joelle_emerson)
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This month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace released a report on harassment in the United States. It demonstrates that harassment on the basis of sex race, disability, age, ethnicity/national origin, color, and religion are still prevalent. While the EEOC says we have come a long way and can develop and apply laws for protection, as writer Mark Joseph Stern says, “it’s up to the rest of us to create a culture where that kind of behavior simply isn’t tolerated.”

Are millennials really not as engaged at work as other groups? As Hyon Chu explains, “The last few decades left them with no pensions, insufficient training in the areas they need, and the rise of the gig economy. So, it comes as a bit of a surprise that companies are left asking why they can’t keep workers around by offering ping-pong tables and free beer at the price tag of $20,000 an hour.” However, as research shows, millennials aren’t actually leaving their jobs at a higher rate than other generations. 


An Interview With Inclusivity Catalyst, Courtney Seiter (6 min)

Courtney Seiter worked as part of the marketing team at Buffer before creating a new role for herself: Inclusivity Catalyst. Having experienced tech culture first hand, she became increasingly more interested in how she could influence diversity in tech. We spoke with Seiter to learn more about what led to this dramatic change, what plans she has for her new role, and what it was like to create her own job from scratch.

Can Netflix's Culture Go International? (13 min)

In 2009 Netfilx gained attention for their culture deck, but as they begin to grow internationally some wonder if their culture will continue to thrive. Chief Talent Officer, Tawni Cranz, realized that how their company culture is communicated needs to evolve. She says, “Now we have these orientation meetings with 10 people and it’s highly likely that six of them are new. If six of them are new, you need to do something to accelerate that feeling of marinating in the culture.” 

Andrew Wilkinson is the founder of MetaLab and Flow, and as CEO he has created a system to run his companies called “Lazy Leadership.” Instead of doing everything for his businesses he says, “today, I only spend my time on things that I’m both good at and that nobody else can do.” Focusing on culture, process, and tracking results while hiring talented people to take care of the rest allows his businesses to thrive. 

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