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People Geekly #81

Issue No. 81, brought to you by Culture Amp
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The People Geekly 81
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"So proud of how @FoolCulture @themotleyfool focuses on the HUMAN at work #workhuman #Foolish #inclusion #proud"

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Rolls-Royce and HR (2.5 min)

When we think Rolls-Royce, we think of world-class automobiles (and maybe airplanes too). In addition to many manufacturing triumphs, Rolls-Royce also has a legacy of fine HR practices, according to the HR Digest. They have pride in their apprenticeship program, with more than 30% of senior managers having started in entry level roles. While outsiders see Rolls-Royce as a quality brand, employees do as well. 

Lush Australasia managing director Peta Granger says, “If you want an inclusive workplace, then the leadership of that business needs to behave in an inclusive way [and] you need to accept people no matter who they are.” Lush’s focus on individuality and empowerment are seen internally as part of their overall success. Along with workplace behavior and communication styles, Lush focuses on diversity through advertising. Their ads show real employees, rather than celebrities, demonstrating their commitment to individuality and empowerment. 

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Featuring keynotes from: Dawn Sharifan, Head of People at Slack; Juliet Bourke, Deloitte Diversity and Inclusion; Yamini Naidu, Author and Storyteller; Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp. 

Many of us have seen dress codes become more casual, but perhaps some of us are more comfortable in a suit. In 2015, OfficeTeam surveyed over 300 managers and 300 workers to understand how people felt about different dress codes. They believe that Millennials are expanding the boundaries of casual at work, technology has reduced face time while remote working has increased (both meaning less need to dress for work) and the rising tech industry’s acceptance of casual dress has impacted other workplaces. 

Working Through Ramadan (7 min)

Lima Al-Azzeh of Slack says that, “For Muslims working in non-Muslim work environments, observing Ramadan is an epic feat of self-discipline.” During Ramadan (which ended the first week of July), Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for about a month. Al-Azzeh interviews several “professional Muslims” about what fasting in the workplace has taught them about themselves, their coworkers, and the nature of work. Sarah Hagi, a writer from New York says, “I do find I have to push myself to keep my mental energy up which is exactly what I love about Ramadan — you find new ways to keep going even when you want to give up.”

It can be challenging to identify company culture, and more so to make effective changes. Ajit Kambil says that culture is like an iceberg, the bulk of it (the part under water) is the shared beliefs that can be shaped over time. He suggests, and discusses at length, a four step process of cultural change including: Diagnose, name, and validate the culture of the organization, Reframe the cultural narrative, Role model and communicate cultural change, Reinforce a new belief system. “Changing culture thus requires change at the beliefs level, which is often substantially more difficult than changing business process or information systems” says Kambil.  

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