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People Geekly #82

Issue No. 82, brought to you by Culture Amp
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The People Geekly 81
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"The biggest differences between an engaged and an unengaged workforce are communication-based. Talk to your people:"

Hyon S Chu  (@hyonschu)
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According to Bourree Lam, “Clock-timers organize their day by blocks of minutes and hours; task-timers have a list of things they want to accomplish.” Research on the different schools of thought revealed clock timers to be “more efficient but less happy because they felt little control over their lives. Task timers are happier and more creative, but less productive.” Embracing task based timing in the workplace can help with creative projects and increasing morale. 

Shane Mac, CEO of Assist says, “Assist is currently 98% white males. It’s time to change that.” His idea is to make the percentage of candidates they interview the opposite of their current statistics, or “the other side of the pendulum.” For example, “if we are 98% white males, we make sure that at least 98% of our outbound recruiting efforts are focused on everyone besides white males. The goal would be to always bring the single majority back to the middle of the pendulum by ensuring a percentage of candidates we look at are different.” 

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Featuring keynotes from: Dawn Sharifan, Head of People at Slack; Juliet Bourke, Deloitte Diversity and Inclusion; Yamini Naidu, Author and Storyteller; Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp. 

What makes the culture of Etsy so special? We talked with Brian Christman, SVP of People and Workplace and Jennifer McKaig, Culture and Engagement Program Manager on how Etsy celebrates the maker spirit and tackle tough challenges. 

Eliminating Workplace Email (4 min)

Thierry Breton, CEO of IT firm Atos Origin, saw email pollution as a problem. In 2011 they began eliminating email, with all 70,000 employees affected. Inter-office communication moved to an internal social network where people could choose to participate in conversations rather than be interrupted by an email. While they may not have achieved inbox zero, employees say they feel more productive and collaborative. 

“The truth is, pretending pregnancy doesn’t sometimes suck isn’t doing anyone any good,” says Avra Siegel, Director of Public Policy for Care.com. She adds that the current conversation around paid parental leave is well-deserved and overdue, but it’s time to talk about pregnancy itself. She says, “It’s time for employers and politicians to recognize that pregnancy is hard, birth is messy, and being post-partum is an actual medical event that requires recovery.” Easy workplace fixes and how pregnant women can advocate for themselves are also discussed. 

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