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People Geekly #79

Issue No. 79, brought to you by Culture Amp
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"The simple answer is that if diversity #recruiting is a real goal, then it has to be a priority of the leadership team #TechInclusion16"

Steve Levy  (@LevyRecruits)
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Survey questions are the most visible and often memorable part of an employee survey. Deciding on your questions (and how to ask them) is important because you can only take action on what you ask your team. What’s tip number one? Have one key decision maker on question design. It will help keep the process streamlined and ensure that the survey strategy and purpose are taken into account. 

After taking 42,764 observations collected from 303 office buildings, researchers coded each office space on a scale from enclosed to open. They then compared satisfaction levels on noise level, sound privacy, ease of interaction, comfort of furnishing, air quality, temperature and even the amount of light. Author David Burkus explains, “the desire for more collaboration among employees was shared by all, but those in open office plans may not have found it to be worth all of the stress and distraction from the bombardment of noise.” 

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Featuring keynotes from: Dawn Sharifan, Head of People at Slack; Juliet Bourke, Deloitte Diversity and Inclusion; Yamini Naidu, Author and Storyteller; Didier Elzinga, CEO Culture Amp. 
Connecting Anthropology with Company Learnings (4 min)

“At the end of the day, anthropologists are intensely interested in human culture: the values, attitudes, beliefs, and traditions that define a group” says Analiese Brown. She adds that people who want to be leaders should consider themselves an anthropologist of human culture. One of the first concepts of anthropology that can be applied to the workplace is the impact of the environment on human behavior (and therefore culture). Two more are discussed as Brown brings a new viewpoint on leadership and office culture through anthropology. 

5 Specialized HR Roles of the Future (5 min)

According to writer Kavi Guppta, HR departments of the future will be split into specialized roles rather than having a one-size fits all approach. The five roles in particular that he says will create a powerful HR team are: Manager of Employee Engagement, Director of Learning, Diversity Officer, Mindset Coach, and Talent and Repertoire Manager. 

In this New York Times Op-Ed, Sheryl Sandberg fights against the Queen Bee theory. “According to the queen bee theory, a female senior manager should have a more negative impact on the other women trying to climb into professional ranks” she says. However, statistically this just isn’t true. She cites many studies that show women supporting one another and speaks on how stereotypes of men and women affect their roles at work. 

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