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People Geekly #84

Issue No. 84, brought to you by Culture Amp
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The People Geekly 81
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"M&Ms; meetings and managers - nothing intrinsically wrong with them, what's wrong is how often they're applied #remote #peoplegeeks 

The People Geekly is sponsored by Culture Amp, the employee feedback and analytics platform for companies that put culture first. If you'd like to learn more about gathering and analyzing data to help make better decisions, our Culture Amp People Geeks would love to chat with you! 

Penelope Barton, Chief People Officer and Jordyn Riley, Employee Experience & Development, share how at Vend, they are empowered to try anything in their roles. Learn about how they try new things (like bringing yoga to the office or uplifting employees) and how transparency is part of their culture. 

Google's New VP of People Operations (2 min)

Eileen Naughton, previously VP of Sales and Operations for Google in the UK and Ireland is announced as Google's new VP of People Operations. She succeeds Laszlo Bock in the role, who has been the Head of Human Resources at Google for the past ten years; he will serve in an advisory capacity. Naughton's focus will be on HR, recruiting and benefits on a global scale, and diversity. 

People Geekup
Projecting Authority After A Promotion (4 min)

Growing in your role with a company is exciting, especially if it involves a promotion. Being purposeful and strategic during the transition will help you project authority. Tips include: ease in (don't look power hungry), connect with your new team early on, ask questions and invite feedback. 

Make Time For Deliberate Learning (6 min)

Looking at the personal histories of a group of business leaders, the team at Empact discovered a trend. Many set aside an hour a day for deliberate practice or learning, which they categorized as reading, reflecting (taking the time to just think), and experimenting. Much like the idea of minimum physical exercise to stay healthy, perhaps deliberate learning is another way to a healthy and successful life. 

Centering around the story of new mom and partner at accounting firm Ernst & Young, the benefits behind coaching for new parents is discussed. Author Tara Siegel Bernard says for these programs to be successful, it should be part of a bigger change that gets supervisors and managers involved. Coaches help prepare parents for leave and the transition when they return.  


August 18, 2016 - Auckland, NZ @ Vend

Other Events
Download Last Week's - Greenhouse + Culture Amp Webinar: The Theory and Practice of Measuring Employee Engagement 

August 11, 2016 - Udemy Presents The Evolution of HR in Business @ Quadras Conference Center 

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In Episode 5 of the Culture First Podcast Culture Amp's Bronwen Clune, David Ostberg and Julie Rogers discuss some of the challenges that come with being a company that has offices all over the globe.

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