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People Geekly #89

Issue No. 89, brought to you by Culture Amp
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"Retrospective frameworks used for quarterly feedback. Love learning from tech people new things to incorporate in HR #peoplegeeks"

Madel Giles (@madelgiles)
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Based on research from CEB, career-related events (like a bonus or performance review) aren’t the biggest motivators for people to look elsewhere for employment. Personal milestones, like a birthday or class reunion, are more likely to prompt people to think about their current career choice. Brian Kropp, HR Practice Leader at CEB says,"What we came to realize is that when people think about whether they’re having a good career, they're thinking about whether they are they having a good career relative to other people, or relative to what their own expectations were." 

How to Give Effective Feedback (4 min)

Providing feedback isn’t always easy, and becomes especially complex in a work environment. We want to ensure the feedback we provide to coworkers is useful, and we don’t cause long-term upset. We’ve compiled five tips for giving great feedback - both reinforcing and corrective - that can be used whether you're providing feedback in person, or in writing. 

Pebble's Data Helps Design Happier Offices (4 min)

Using an app that asked people about their mood and energy throughout the week, Pebble gathered data from 10,000 participants. Their research revealed that people were saddest when in meetings, and happiest at lunchtime and 7pm. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people’s energy dipped between 1pm and 4pm. Susan Holcomb, head of data at Pebble, says this can be a good time for yoga or exercise. More insights in the full article include why work relationships are important and how alcohol makes people happy. 

How Bench Approaches Mental Health at Work (5 min)

In the process of creating a coaching network, the People Operations and Learning and Development team at Bench realized there was a need for more support for employees. With the help of an internal committee, they created a comprehensive Mental Health Guide for Bench employees. Director of People Operations, Sarah Blackmore says, “Even before the guide was released, we started to introduce the topic of mental wellness at a team-by-team level. I think that approachability and openness as a company, right from the start, really set our approach apart.” 

Your Post-Labor Day Reading List (7 min)

Carrie Mullins writing for Electric Literature provides a thoughtful list of eleven novels that feature (mostly fictional) difficult jobs. She features titles such as The Circle by Dave Eggers, which follows Mae, a new employee at a tech company, as she learns the truth about the company’s surveillance technology. As Mullins puts it, “It’s a warning to tech geeks everywhere: in the future, the only thing we’ll be free of is gluten.” Other books include, The Jungle, a classic by Upton Sinclair that launched reforms in the meat-packing industry, and The Beautiful Bureaucrat, by Helen Phillips.  


September 13, 2016 - Melbourne, VIC @ REA Group 
September 20, 2016 - Berlin, DE @ Soundcloud
September 20, 2016 - Washington, DC @ Optoro

October 4, 2016 - London, UK @ WeWork 

November 8, 2016 - Manchester, UK @ AutoTrader 

Other Events 
September 10, 2016 - TEDxNewYork - Culture Amp is a proud event partner of TEDxNewYork 2016 

September 19, 2016 - The first annual Responsive Conference takes place in Berkeley, CA bringing together a vanguard of industry leaders to share ideas pertaining to the future of work. Embodying experiential learning and a diversity of thought, this conference is an ideal meeting ground for people across disciplines to connect and grow together. Responsive.org was co-founded by Culture Amp's Steve Hopkins. 

Use discount code cultureamp for an exclusive 20% off the Responsive Conference 

In Episode 8 of the Culture First Podcast Reddit VP of People and Culture Katelin Holloway talks about building culture at Reddit, and her time at Pixar and Klout.

The Culture First Podcast is released bi-weekly and explores what it means to be a culture first company. See options to subscribe here

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