Try Culture Amp

Toronto, ON

Monday 26 September, 6:00pm

MarsDD 101 College Street, Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7

What makes an employee effective? Join Culture Amp for our People Geekup to hear what we have learned about employee feedback, 360 reviews, performance management & learning and development. We will be sharing our research and analysis on how to help employees learn and develop through effective feedback. 

In true learning and development style, we will be facilitating a conversation with the audience where you will have the chance to debate topics including: Peer vs. Manager feedback, unlinking feedback and compensation, the role of data in the L&D conversation & how technology can impact employee effectiveness. 

We can't wait to see you there. If you'd like to learn about the People Geeks community, please reach out to Damon Klotz, Culture Amp's ultra-People Geek.