Try Culture Amp

San Francisco, CA

Thursday 11 May, 6:00pm

HotelTonight 901 Market Street Suite 310, San Francisco, CA, 94103

Culture Amp is excited to invite you to our San Francisco People Geekup in partnership with our friends at HotelTonight. 

We'll talk about how to tackle the right people challenges with the right solutions, in a field where there are often no right answers. Attendees will learn about HotelTonight's approach and get actionable ideas for how to:

  • Build creative feedback loops into the organization, so you have an ongoing pulse on what's working well and what's not working

  • Get to the root cause of issues, so your efforts to address them will have bigger, more sustainable impact

  • Connect different initiatives with one another, so you provide a seamless experience for employees

6:00pm   Registration, bites & drinks served

6:30pm   Culture Amp & People Geeks Welcome

6:45pm   Annie Lin & Jeffrey Ehrenberg from HotelTonight

7:15pm    Q&A

7:45pm   Networking over bites & drinks 

We hope to see you there!