Try Culture Amp

Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday 15 November, 6:00pm

MeUndies, 3650 Holdrege Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90016

Culture Amp is thrilled to host our latest People Geekup for People & HR professionals in Los Angeles. What is a People Geekup? It’s an opportunity for HR & People Professionals to network and explore the latest trends in the HR & People space.

We’ll be partnering with MeUndies in their newly renovated office in Culver City to discuss how to use collective intelligence to take action from your data. 

Culture Amp works with some of the world's most innovative organizations such as Airbnb, Pixar, Warby Parker and McDonald's.

Here's what to expect:

6:00 pm Registration, food & drinks served

6:30 pm Culture Amp & People Geeks Welcome

6:40 pm MeUndies Welcome and Talk 

6:50 pm How People Geeks are using collective intelligence to take action on employee data.

7:10 pm Group Breakouts

7:30 pm Drinks and Networking