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Vancouver, Jan 2016

After successful people geekups in Melbourne and San Francisco, Vancouver held the first ever geekup in Canada on Thursday the 21st of January. 

Vancouver is currently experiencing a large amount of growth with many successful startups launching as well as having a significant presence in the city. It was great to see so many different organizations represented at this sold out event, that was held at the Unbounce HQ in downtown Vancouver. 


The People Geeks in the room were actively engaged in the conversation around people analytics trends of 2016. The event was facilitated by Damon Klotz & Steven Huang from our San Francisco office. 

The highlight of the night was definitely when the audience gasped in reaction to Steven’s slide about the importance of learning and development opportunities in relation to retention data. 

The audience all walked away agreeing that 2016 was the year that we move away from anecdotes and towards data.

This geekup will be the first of many more for the Vancouver community and we look forward to being back there soon.