People Geeks
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Melbourne, Jan 2016

Melbourne was a great way to kick off a busy year of People Geekups. Over 100 People Geeks gathered in Melbourne at Inspire9, a co-working space in Richmond. Damon Klotz, Head of Digital and Community, opened with the big plans for the People Geek community in 2016.

Damon was joined on stage by Culture Amp Co-Founder and CEO Didier Elzinga. Didier covered how Culture Amp came to be, including the moment (and exact location) the term "People Geek" was coined. This was followed by some controversial questions about HR trends.

The people geeks were then in for a treat as a special guest was invited onto the stage, Dr. David Ostberg. David recently joined the San Francisco Culture Amp team as Director of Data & Insights for North America. What followed was a highly informative and entertaining Q&A that went back and forth between Didier and David.