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New York City, Jan 2016


NYC People Geekup: Australia Day Comes to the US!

The January 2016 NYC People Geekup took place in NoHo at Bluestone Lane, an Australian based café’! This wasn’t a coincidence, as our #peoplegeeks gathered to network and celebrate Australia Day! Occurring almost immediately after NYC’s second largest snowstorm, 45 NYC People Geeks showed up for a night of networking and Australian drinks and food. Originally slated as a content based event (queue the snow and our speakers’ cancelled flights to NYC), the night was spent networking. Although the Top 100 may not have been spinning in the background, the voices of #peoplegeeks connecting filled the air!

The Culture Amp team- Corey McAveeney, Natalie Hoch, Chris Woodcock and Jessy Collazo- took a brief moment to explain what Australia Day is (with the help of our ever so gracious host, Australian native Angelle Mills at Bluestone Lane). We also learned a bit more about what the NYC People Geeks are interested in learning more about in upcoming events. With great ideas put forward, we toasted flat white and Lamingtons to Australia Day and a successful night of People Geek networking to end the night!